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The smart way to rent

Simple, safe, and secure – Albee is designed to let you take care of everything rent-related in one place. Join us and bring along your tenant or landlord to manage things together easier than ever before.


One platform for everything rent - related


Simple, safe, and secure


Available 24/7


A complete catalogue of bills & invoices


Straight to the point

Be on the same page and manage everything rent-related with your tenant or landlord together on one shared platform. With everything being up-to-date, organised, and documented there is no space left for any misunderstandings.

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One platform for everything rent-related

Basic info, bills, photos, and more – a searchable collection of everything related to a flat.

Simple, safe, and secure

Say goodbye to forgotten bills, hidden costs, and other common nuisances. Managing a rental is transparent, secure, and worry-free with us.



Available 24/7

If you have internet, you also have Albee. You can use it as an app on your phone or access it from a browser, your laptop, or even your tablet. So no matter where you are, you can always choose the most convenient option.

A complete catalogue of bills & invoices

Pieces of paper are not exactly environmentally conscious. Keeping everything in mind is…well, sometimes we all forget things. Need more reasons for storing all bills and receipts in our user-friendly system?


  1. Join us and register online or directly in the app.

  2. Invite your tenant or landlord and discover Albee together.

  3. Try Albee and use all of its main functions for free.

We believe that rental management should be friendly, fuss-free and transparent. A better experience for everyone involved. Are you in?

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Time efficient

Save some precious time through better rental management. With Albee there is no need for long negotiations, arranging a large amount of personal meetings or waiting around for each other.


As a landlord you can reduce your expenses significantly by managing a rental without a third party. Whether you live abroad or just in another city, Albee connects you with your tenant for an easy and direct solution.

Easy to use

Albee was created to provide a simple, transparent, user-friendly and accessible solution for everyone from young tenants to elderly landlords. It leads you through everything step-by-step, but if you need more guidance our customer service will gladly advise you any time.

Practical & informative

Albee is here to help making rentals worry-free for everyone involved. Keep in touch, sort payments, organise bills, and more – all in one place. Plus some great advice.


Frequently Asked Questions

Albee is the go-to platform for everything rent-related. Accessible as a mobile app or from a browser, it lets tenants and landlords keep, organise and manage utility bills, contracts, photos, and other important documents in one place. It provides a direct and easy way to keep in touch, avoid misunderstandings, or – if it came to that – handle any possible arguments. It is full of great practical functions, and offers a lot of useful and interesting tips.

Using Albee’s main functions is free and we insist on keeping it this way forever. For added convenience, we also offer some extra functions for a fee, but these are all optional.

You only need your name and e-mail address, but you can also choose to use Albee with your Facebook or Google account.

Albee lets anyone upload a rental flat in its system. If your landlord or tenant does not have an account yet, invite them to register and start using the platform together.

Enter the world of Albee!

  1. Register through the website.
  2. Invite your tenant or landlord and discover Albee together.
  3. Try Albee and use all of its main functions for free.