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About Us

The basic idea of the application was born in spring of 2017 during a conversation between friends when our founder realised: There is no online site that could help with rents and handling them during the period they are rented. During that year, we already started validate the idea and work out the business concept. Albee is one of the few startup’s that tried to involve professionals into the project from the beginning. We realised, without professional knowledge, we could be lost in opportunities and we cannot accomplish to set up the application.

Firstly, we wanted to help finding rent with innovative ways with Albee, then we had to realise there is a bigger problem than find a way to tenant and landlord meet each other. It is more important to help these partners to communicate each other and solve everyday-tasks easily. While there are a lot of options for the first problem, there is no solution for the second one not in Hungary nor abroad. We had to understand, for tenants and landlords the real help would be create a site/application for everyday-tasks connected to their rent so we could save them from stress.

For all these reasons, we decided, we want to improve the domestic market.

Our purpose to make the relationship between the landlord and the tenant equal. We would like to help them as an impartial associate to make their relationship easier and less stressed. To achieve our goal, we would like to give them advice and show them a legal guideline to avoid misunderstandings, arguments and any inconvenient situation.

We would like to make a safer, easier and more comfortable environment for landlords and tenants.

With Albee we give an asset to the users hands which can be used away from each other and it is also easy to use and store contracts, photos, invoices and every administrative task. Albee helps with every request and claim in writing form.

Albee's basic functions are free and we will not change that in the future.

It was a major aspect for Albee to be easy-handling and available for everyone from anywhere at any time for users as a digitalized solution. For this reason, Albee is available from computers as a website and also smartphones as an application.

According to our plans, Albee will have new features weekly/monthly which will help for the users to make their life’s careless connected to their rent.

Major milestones:

  • 2017 Q2 – The idea was born.
  • 2017 Q3 – We started creating the business concept.
  • 2018 Q1 – We held personal interviews involving 40 people to help us validate the idea and make us sure how necessary Albee is.
  • 2018 Q2 – Albee brand name, logo and company profile were born.
    First Albee prototypes were made.
  • 2018 Q2 – Albee brand name, logo and company profile were born.
    First Albee prototypes were made.
  • 2018 Q4 – The agreement was established with the software developer company to create Albee.
  • 2019 February – Albee was selected to the top 10 most promising startup’s.
  • 2019 May – Albee was introduced at FintechShow.
  • 2019 May – Albee won the HiVentures Incubation support and HiVentures became one of the investors of Albee.
  • 2020 June – Albee 1.0 was completed with the final functions for UX test.
  • 2020 November – The beta version of Albee was testing and it confirmed that there is a need for Albee.
  • 2020 December – Albee 1.0 started it’s journey as a web application.
  • 2021 January – Albee mobile application was completed and it became available to download it from app stores.